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Career Development

01HR links People with the right companies & projects.

We offer career change and outplacement programmes. In a career change moment we focus on the specific skills and attitude of people at work.

We support matching the possibilities of employees with the requirements of the market. 

We offer individual jobcoaching sessions as well as group workshops onsite or offsite.

How it works for your company?


We assess the needs of your employees and company`s goals at the moment of change. We meet online / f2f. You will have contact with Justyna or Ala.


We design a support program for your employees:
individual sessions; 
workshops/ webinar.


The stage where we actively support your employees in finding new jobs (list of companies, jobs); contact with recruiters, hiring managers.


The new beginning of your employee in a new place – we stay in touch, support first steps in new environment.

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Career Assessment




Strategy to find new job



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Job interview support


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